(Ignore all rules in the Bloodshadows/D6 Adventure book which contradict these rules)

Each of the Magic skills has 10 predefined Specializations related to the various schools of magic.

  • Alchemy
  • Chronomancy
  • Elemental
  • Necromancy
  • Photomancy
  • Peregrination
  • Sominomancy
  • Technomancy
  • Vitomancy
  • Wizardry

Almost all prebuilt spells in the game will list a Skill/Specialization, to cast the spell you must meet both requirements. If a spell is a Cantrip it will not need a Specialization and can just be cast with the skill by itself. Ignore all references to Arcane Knowledges.

Characters start the game with a number of spells equal to the Die value of their Magic Attribute, they gain additional spells based on the die value of any Magical Skills and Specializations.

Magic 1D+1/Abjuration 2D+1/Alchemy 3D+1

The character would know 3 spells, for 1D in the stat Magic, 1 additional die in the skill Abjuration, and 1 more finally for 1 die in the specialty of Alchemy. These spells can be of Difficulty of 10 or less for free.

Casting Spells
Step 1 – Roll the dice for your Specialization or just Skill if a Cantrip.
Step 2 – If Result is greater then the Difficulty the spell is cast.
Step 3 – Apply the result if successful

If a further roll is needed to see if the spell will hit its target, subtract the roll from the difficulty and apply what is left over as the bonus to the roll to hit the target.

If the roll to cast a spell is a critical failure, the caster loses all actions in their next round as they are stunned.


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