Game Outline

In the Galitian justice system, the people are represented by two separate but equally important groups: The Sentinels who investigate crime; and the Inquisitors who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.

Game Outline

Inquisitor General Aidan Hammond has many interests in Galitia that can’t be handled by the rank and file Inquisitor. These tasks are given to the members of the Special Investigation Desk who serve him as his own personal task force with little oversight. This group, often called Aidan’s Dogs when no one thinks they’re listening, can find themselves investigating a wide range of events in the city, the only connection between them is they conflict with the IG’s plans.

Hammond is crooked and has his own agenda, with sights on a seat on the Board of Elders. But he also has strong interest in maintaining order in Galitia, as anything that disrupts it could endanger his ambitions.

Character Premise

Characters in the SID can be drawn from all over Galitia, and are often picked for their abilities, what they know, or what they are. While it does employ those who are Unnatural, usually only those who can pass for Human or one of the Breeds are publicly acknowledged. Most work for the SID of their own volition for money or more nebulous rewards promised to them by the IG. Others, if their skills are deemed valuable enough, are coerced into joining using more direct or nefarious methods.

Character Idea suggestions

  • Out of work Streetsinger selling information in exchange for keeping the Mobs at bay
  • A Mercenary Necromancer who will plumb the secrets of death for some cold hard cash
  • A junior Inquisitor hungry for political advancement
  • Burglar wanting to go straight but can’t till he’s paid off his “favor” to the IG
  • A Sentinel attached to the SID to serve as muscle and known for looking the other way
Chargen Outline

Pick a template from the Denizens of Marl chapter from Bloodshadows, starting on page 45. This template will help inform all choices regarding attributes, skills and abilities that are picked.

All characters will be based on 79 Creation Points.

  • 4 Creation Points = 1 Attribute Die
  • 1 Creation Point = 1 Skill Die
  • 1 Creation Point = 3 Skill Specialization Dice
  • Any desired Advantages and Special Abilities will have their own costs.

All Unnatural characters must take the Disadvantage of Prejudice at Rank 1. This does not count towards their maximum number of Disadvantages but does give them Creation Points.

Each purchased Attribute, Skill or Specialization Die can be split into 3 pips that can be divided among the other Attributes, Skills or Specializations as the player sees fit. Each pip spent gains a +1 bonus, if all 3 Pips are spent on one selection it is bumped up to another full dice. Pips created from Attribute Dice can only be spent on Attribute Dice, Skills only on Skills and Specializations only on Specializations.

12 Creation Points have been spent to gain 3D of Attribute dice. I can now place 1D in Attribute A and 1D in Attribute B and split the remaining die into pips, arranged as Attribute A 1D+1 and Attribute B 1D+2

The list of attributes is Reflexes, Coordination, Physique, Knowledge, Perception, Presence and Magic. Each attribute with the exception of Magic must have at minimum 1D assigned to it, at Maximum they can have 5D. The one exception to this is Magic which needs not have any points placed in it. Characters who don’t will be unable to use spells.

Once Attributes have been assigned players may spend points on Skills and their Specializations. No skill can have more then 3 dice added to them, and no specialization can have more than 3 additional dice added to it. All skills start at the level of the Attribute they are attached to, so when increases are calculated from that base.

Attribute A is rated at 1D+1 and 3 dice are placed into its skill Tech, with an additional 3 die into the specialization of Samoflange Maintenance under it. It would now appear as this Tech 4D+1/Samoflange Maintenance 7D+1.

Skill List


  • Acrobatics
  • Brawling
  • Climbing
  • Contortion
  • Dodge
  • Flying
  • Jumping
  • Melee Combat
  • Riding
  • Sneak


  • Lockpicking
  • Marksmanship
  • Missile Weapons
  • Piloting
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Throwing


  • Lifting
  • Running
  • Stamina
  • Swimming


  • Business
  • Demolition
  • Forgery
  • Languages
  • Medicine
  • Navigation
  • Scholar
  • Security
  • Tech


  • Artist
  • Gambling
  • Hide
  • Investigation
  • Know-How
  • Repair
  • Search
  • Streetwise
  • Survival
  • Tracking


  • Animal Handling
  • Charm
  • Command
  • Con
  • Disguise
  • Intimidation
  • Persuasion
  • Willpower

Magic (Can be at 0D)

  • Alteration
  • Apporation
  • Conjuration
  • Divination

Additional stats that will be calculated after buying skills are:

Body Points is the amount of damage a character can take. It is found by figuring the max roll for Physique and adding 20 to the total.

Movement is set to 10 meters per round, unless changed by template or Disadvantage.

Strength Damage is found by dropping any Pips for Physique or Lifting, depending on which is higher. The number left is divided by 2 and rounded up. The result in dice is the Strength Damage.

Every character starts with 5 Character Points and 1 Fate Points.

All characters start with a base Funds of 3 which is modified based on several criteria.

  • -1 to Funds if 1D in Presence
  • -1 to Funds if 1D in Knowledge
  • +1 to Funds if 4D or more in Presence
  • +1 to Funds if 4D or more in Knowledge
  • +1 to Funds if 8D or more in Business skill plus its Highest Specialization
    Also chose an alignment of Order, Chaos, Unaligned, Oathbreaker Order or Oathbreaker Chaos

All templates list the Maximum number of Disadvantages the character can have. Templates will also list any mandatory Disadvantages, Advantages or Special Abilities they must purchase to play that race.

For Equipment all characters start with light 1 weapon of their choice, inexpensive protective gear, and tools needed for their chosen trade.

Game Outline

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